2015-08-24 AB „Panevėžio keliai“ companies‘ group engaged in retail trade of building materials


We sell in various amounts:



  • Cold asphalt-concrete mix;
  • gravel;
  • sand;
  • rubble;
  • pre-packaged decorative chippings;
  • granite cobblestones.


Retail sale places:




AB „Panevėžio keliai“ production base

Tiekimo g. 14, Panevėžys

Contact person – Kęstutis Karsokas

Phone: +370 618 52504, +370 45 504439

AB „Panevėžio keliai“ Rokiškis branch

Žemaitės g. 2, Rokiškis

Contact person – Loreta Deksnytė

Phone: +370 458 51698, +370 618 52424

UAB „Aukštaitijos traktas“

Šilinės village, Utena region

Contact person – Vytautas Varnas

Tel. +370 389 61969,  +370 687 74814

UAB ,,Ukmergės keliai“ (JSC “Ukmergė roads”)

Jogvilai aphalt-concrete base

Jogvilų village, Ukmergė region

Jonava aphalt-concrete base

Ukmergės g. 4, Jonava

Contact person – Valdas Repečka

Phone: +370 687 87391

UAB „Zarasų automobilių keliai“ (JSC “Zarasai roads”)

Kauno g. 32, Zarasai

Contact person – Klavdija Gubanova

Phone: +370 385 51438, +370 698 17459

UAB „Zarasų automobilių keliai“ (JSC “Zarasai roads”)

Kauno g. 32, Zarasai

Contact person – Klavdija Gubanova

Phone: +370 385 51438, +370 698 17459

Granite rubble (0-40mm). Color: gray, pink, varied



 Decorative crushed rubble (5-35 mm)

Basalt rubble (0-70 mm). Color: Black



Dolomite rubble (0-45 mm)



Multi-colored granite blocks (40x60x60mm, 70x70x70mm, 100x100x50mm, 100x100x100mm, 150x100x50mm)


         Basalt blocks, black.                (40x60x60mm, 00x100x100mm)

Broken stones and boulders

          Ground concrete rubble               (0-45mm) for parks and road base




Ground asphalt concrete (0-20 mm), designed to lay on the concrete rubble and leveling the surface to reduce dust

Hot asphalt concrete for the lower, top and single layer road surface area equipment.



Cold asphalt for asphalt pits repairs. (Pre-packed in 40 kg).

Sand rigid (Bulk and packaged in bags of 30 kg).



Rigid and screened gravel. (Bulk and packaged in bags of 30 kg).

Ready-mixed concrete



Slope mounting plate

(490x490x80mm, 990x990x100mm).

Reinforced concrete trash bin

(430 / 350x430 /350x400 / 40x45mm)



 Concrete panel

(2000x995x80mm, 2500x995x80mm)

The well ring: Height - 1 m, internal diameter - 50, 75, 84, 100cm.

Height – 0,9 m, inner diameter - 80cm.



The well ring: Height - 1 m, internal diameter - 50, 75, 84, 100cm. Height – 0,9 m, inner diameter - 80cm. 

Foundation block.





Stair step for terraces. (1:1,5, 1:2)







Stair beams. 2000x200/280x410mm and by individual project. 

The well cover.
(950/500x100mm, 1250/500x100mm, 1250/700x100mm, 1250x150mm, 1850x120mm).



      The bottom of  the well.

(950x100mm, 1250x100mm, 1250x150mm, 1850x120mm)

Foundations for pipes.

(1780x1160x430x250mm, 1780x1320x460x250mm, 1780x1650x530x250mm)

Concrete pipe.

(1000x840x80mm, 1000x500x80mm, 1000x750x80mm, 1000x1000x120mm, 900x800x80mm)



Reinforced concrete pipe.

(900x800x80mm, 1000x500x80mm, 1000x750x80mm, 1000x1000x120mm, 1000x1500x160mm, 1000x2000x200mm)

Pipe with fibra. 

(1000x840x80mm, 1000x500x80mm,   1000x750x80mm, 1000x1000x120mm, 900x800x80mm)

The cover with a collar. (400/500x220/300x85mm)




Fire extinguisher. (880x390/100x350/250x100mm, 880x390/100x500/400x100mm)

Railing block T-1.

 (3990x250/220x600mm, 3700x1250/250x470/380mm and by individual project)



Railing block TB-4.

(3000x250/440x410/380mm and by individual project)

Supporting block.

(1000x400x250mm, 1000x400x400mm).



Supporting block. 

(600x2000/820x1450/1100x300mm, 600x2500/1250x1450/1100x300mm, 600x3000/1900x1450/1100x300mm, 600x3500/2200x1450/1100x300mm)



                                                Partitioning block AB-1.                                                           (3700/850x500x200/240x200mm and by individual project)



                                                Partitioning block B-1.                                                            (3980x400/370x420mm and by individual project)



      The outlet nozzle for plastic pipes.

(Ø 300, 400, 500, 600mm, 550/800x1000x100mm, 550/800x1000x100mm, 800/1100x1650x100mm, 850/1120x2270x100mm).

The outlet nozzle for reinforced concrete pipes.

(Ø 300, 400, 500, 600, 800mm, 980x460/300x460mm, 1260x900/400x620mm, 1460x1000/500x720mm, 1660x1100/600x820mm, 2060x1300/800x1020 mm)

The outlet nozzle for reinforced concrete pipes. 

(Ø 1000, 1200, 1600, 2000mm        600x1450/1000x2710mm,
1700/1200x2920mm,           600x2150/1500x3340mm,   600x2150/2000x3340 mm)



 Nozzle wing. 

(Ø 1000, 1200, 1600, 2000 mm, 1850x2270x300mm,  2220x2480x300mm,  2860x2900x300mm) 


(3300x630/580x500mm, 3800x630/580x500mm, 4800x630/580x500mm, 5650x630/580x500mm, 4650x630/580x500mm)


Sloping surface water drain. (520x550/400x250/200x50mm)



Surface water drain
(2970x630x680x50mm, 2980x630x440x70mm, 2980x630x300x70mm, 1000x500x180x70mm).

Surface water drain.

(350x250x100 mm) 

An outlet nozzle block. (810x520x520/250x11mm).





Transition plate.

(2000x980/880x250mm, 4000x980/880x250 mm, 6000x980/880x300mm)



The near-bridge plate.

(3980x1820x14mm and by individual project)


(350x350mm, length – by project)




1400x1000x1500x100mm, 2100x1000x2000x100mm)

Benches’ legs. 




The well.(1000/830x580/410x500x130mm)

Reinforced concrete and asphalt scrap utilization. Reinforced concrete and asphalt scrap shredding services.



Bitumen emulsion.




Commerce director

Rolandas Zabilevičius

Phone: +370 45 502632, +370 686 86288


Concrete and reinforced concrete Sales Manager

Tomas Abramavičius

Phone: +370 45 504438, +370 686 80884


AB „Panevėžio keliai“production  base

Tiekimo g. 14, Panevėžys.

Sales: Kęstas Karsokas

Phone: +370 618 52504, +370 45 504439

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