Young roadmen stories. Karolis Vasiliauskas

Parents’ advice led to engineering

I graduated road engineering in 2014. This is much more interesting than management, I remember I was thinking choosing my profession. Most impact to my choice was from my parents –construction engineers, graduates of the same university 23 years ago. They told me very wise saying about choosing my field of studies: “Every engineer can be a good manager, but not every manager can become a good engineer!”. This helped me to decide choosing engineering. And this was no mistake. I liked studies, but I thing they were a little far away from practice.  In the University we were taught designing. And a final goal of the bachelor thesis was to design a road. In the real work there is a lot of calculation. I am engineer’s assistant, I make cost estimates, sometimes prepare documentation for procurement competitions. I like this much more than designing, because I can see whole process from much more wide perspective.

What challenges I do like? Perhaps an interesting competitions, tenders. For example now I am involved into railway projects. I can participate in “Rail Baltica” designing works – prepare cost estimate, to prepare tender documentation, to send commercial offers. I like coordination of tenders, procurement competitions most. A got a lot of help from my colleague Darijus Zubka. Both of us had to learn Swedish language. Darijus works in Sweden now, I help to calculate cost estimates distantly. Swedish language – a hard thing. We are joking that if not a n AB “Panevežio keliai”, we would never have had a chance to study Swedish. Situations when you have to stay longer at work or solve problems happen to engineers too. For example, in the late evening I had to recalculate cost estimate and came back home only at the midnight. No offence – I simply like what I am doing.

For what am I valuated at my work? Maybe or a quick orientation and susceptibility? I had to prepare calculations for three tenders at once. A lot of work, but we managed everything on time. In the future I would like not only work with the documentation, but for example, after successful tender competition I would like to work in the management group and have my own tasks there. This would be really interesting for me to participate in whole process from beginning up to the completion.

Newspaper “Road people”, Nr. 32