Why it is easier for manager woman in Sweden than in Lithuania. Tells Zivilė Poderiene, “PK Road” Projects' Engineer.

In Sweden the same way as in Lithuania during projects preparation and implementation not everything and always goes as it should be. There are always problems to be solved, but I like it (smiles). There are various people between Swedes and Lithuanians. Sometimes clients are making compromise easy, it is a pleasure to work with them, but sometimes we meet a very “uneasy” people.

There are more men than women in construction sector in general, but in Sweden, differently from Lithuania, there are more women. I really like close cooperation and professionalism here. No difference who is a project manager or a person in higher position – man or woman. I do not know about present situation, but working in Lithuania I felt different attitude, at least that was my personal experience.

Woman in construction sector has to work more several times harder in order to prove she is worth her position. I remember during my practice in Lithuania: first three months in the project beginning I was still feeling special attitude or sometimes even hostility against me just because I am female. Everything changed when project was continuing. It is joyful women are equal to their colleagues men in Sweden. It happens im some cases when e.g. in the work safety control group or production meetings I am the only female, but I do not feel any discrimination or hostility.

Never say “never”

We came to Sweden when we completed our “homework”. We new which school our children will attend, where my husband will work. I think we adapted to the new environment quickly. Children quickly learned English and Swedish languages, I speak Swedish. Of course it still happen I am not sure about some special technical terms. But I am not afraid to ask and learn, we can communicate in English language as well. In my opinion you have to know language of the country you live in. even if local people speak English perfectly. I am not really feeling nostalgic for Lithuania. Yes, our friends and relatives left there. But we can communicate over Internet or visit them. Our family earlier also lived abroad, maybe that is why we adapt quickly without lots of sentiments. Sweden is similar to Lithuania in some ways. Climate – the same, food in many ways reminds Lithuanian food. People are polite, avoiding conflicts, but the same as in Lithuania –keeping some distance. I haven’t felt much of difference. Maybe driving culture here much higher. We do not plan returning to Lithuania. At least until daughter graduates school. But as they say – never say “never”.


Nobody is surprised by the women working in Swedish objects even in mechanic’s position.

In the picture – “PK Road” employee Nadja Theodorsson.

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