Traffic restrictions in Panevėžys bypass due to reconstruction works

Journey via Panevėžys city bypass this summer will require special drivers’ attention. 22 km length bypass which is a part of international highway “Via Baltica” is essentially reconstructed: widened to three traffic lanes, crossings reconstructed to roundabout or two level. Due to contracting works traffic restricted – drivers have to estimate possible delays and plan time reserve for this route.

In Panevėžys bypass now two large scale projects are implemented.  In the bypass section from Šilagalis crossing where roads to Kaunas, Vilnius, Panevėžys and Ryga join up to Nausodė crossing there are less traffic restrictions.

“Traffic in the work zone organized in two lanes, maximum speed reduced, near the tunnel overpass in bypass 9,05 km detour is installed.

Intensive works start in the bypass crossing with Upytė road. Reconstructed bypass section in 6,1 km is crossed by state importance regional road Nr. 195 Kėdainiai-Krekeneva-Panevėžys. In order to ensure traffic safety and intersection bandwidth this crossing is reconstructed into speed roundabout crossing. Roundabout crossings bandwidth is 20 percent higher than usual”, -  said AB “Panevėžio keliai” Panevėžys Branch Director for Construction Saulius Stravinskas.

Traffic situation in the bypass section from Šiauliai road till Pasvalys road is more complex: due to large scale works of bypass second part widening started this spring maximum allowed speed restriction is 50-70 km/h. In four sections traffic is regulated by temporary traffic lights. According AB “Panevėžio keliai” project manager Jevgenij Svilo, journey in this bypass section can be prolonged up to 15 minutes. There will be more restrictions when asphalt works start.

As it was announced, one of the biggest in Baltic Countries Lithuanian capital road and railway design and construction companies “Panevėžio keliai” from spring of 2017 implements Panevėžys bypass I stage reconstruction works including bypass section from 0,00 to 10,53 km. Contract works Contract with Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications signed on March 27, 2017. Cost of the contract including VAT -14,2 mln. eur.

Reconstructed section stretches from clover-shaped two level crossing near Šilagalis village where highway road A2 Vilnius-Panevėžys crosses highway road A8 Panevėžys-Aristava-Sitkūnai (“Via Baltica”) until clover-shaped Nausodė crossing, where A17 Panevėžys bypass crosses higway road A9 Panevėžys-Šiauliai. Until the end of 2017 50 percent of this project works implemented.

In 2018 second stage works of Panevėžys city bypass section from Šiauliai road until Pasvalys road reconstruction started. It is planned until the end of 2018 widen 11,53 km long bypass section to three traffic lanes following 2+1 traffic organization scheme, reconstruct 2 bridges and 2 overpassess, install speed (“turbo”) roundabout crossing, reconstruct 4 single level crossings into two level installing tunnel overpasses with approaching and connecting roads.

During the project implementation overpass over A9 road in Nausodė crossing will be reconstructed. Length of overpass viaduct -110,10 meters, width – 13m, width of traffic section – 7,5m. Bridge over Nevėžys river in the 11,78 bypass kilometer will be reconstructed (length 66,20m, width-15,50m) and bridge over Levuo river in bypass 19,26 km (length 56,6m, width 17,65m).

Overpass via railway in bypass 12,43 km will also be reconstructed (length 72,2m, width 14,94m). Crossing in the bypass 15,42 km will be reconstructed to speed (“turbo”) roundabout crossing.

In the Panevėžys bypass reconstructing single level crossings in to two levels even 4 tunnel type overpasses (viaducts) are planned to be installed including tunnel overpass with connecting roads, where Janonis street reaches bypass in 12,12 km. Future tunnel lengths – 20,57m, width 11,0m.

Tunnel overpass will be built in bypass 12,85 kilometer, one more tunnel passage with connecting road will be build in bypass 16,14 km. 104 meters length and 4,5 meters of width tunnel overpass will be build in bypass 19,592 kilometer where bypass is crossed by the road to Pakuodžiupiai settlement.

During the bypass reconstruction II stage works AB “Panevėžio keliai” will reconstruct 13 crossing bypass 1,2 meters wide water passages. Implementing reconstruction of engineering networks gas supply pipeline crossing bypass in two places will be reconstructed, lighting system present reconstructed and installed in the new two level crossings, land reclamation network in the road zone reconstructed.

“Panevėžio keliai” is committed in this project to design and install speed control and warning systems in whole road A17 Panevėžys bypass section from 0,00 to 22,06 km. These systems include weather monitoring and traffic intensity monitoring stations installation and 25 changing information signs. In this field project partner UAB “Fima” helps general contractor.

Soil works in the II stage not including technological works include 86,5 thousand cubical meters of soil removal, installation of 289 thousand cubical meters of ramparts, 87,5 thousands cubical meters of pits excavation. Siege bottom improvement with hydraulic binders will be performed in the area of 38 thousand cubical meters.

For 30 cm frost resistive layer installation widening road 63 thousand cubical meters of mineral materials will be used, for gravel base installation – 30,6 thousand cubical meters. 127 thousand square meters of old asphalt layer will be milled.

In the main road asphalt base layer will be installed (153 thousands square meters), 2 cm of tense absorbing layer (152 thousand square meters), 8 cm asphalt lower layer (151,6 thousand square meters), 4 cm asphalt top layer (27,3 thousand square meters).

In the connecting roads 10 cm thick asphalt base layer will be installed (27,8 thousands square meters), 4 cm lower asphalt layer (27,6 thousand square meters), 6 cm asphalt layer (12,9 thousand square meters). 4 cm top asphalt layer (27,3 thousand square meters).

Works in the bypass II stage implemented on the behalf of 20 November, 2017 contract with Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Project – “Transeuropean network road E67 (VIA BALTICA) development. Section from Lithuanian-Latvian border till Panevėžys development. Contract Nr. 2”. Value of the contract including VAT-30,43 million EUR.

Illustration 01 – Traffic organization 2+1 method which after reconstruction will be used in Panevėžys bypass section from Šilagalys crossing till Nausodė crossing visualization and most important constructions.

Illustration 02 - Traffic organization 2+1 method which after reconstruction will be used in Panevėžys bypass section from Nausodė crossing till speed roundabout crossing in Pasvalys road  (Ūta crossing) visualization and most important constructions.

Additional information: Rasa Čepienė, AB “Panevėžio keliai” Representative for Public Relations, phone +37061148133.