Road building business in Scandinavian way: million euros scope - five people (continued)

Communication between client and contractor: what you will not find in Lithuania

Communication between client and contractor in Sweden in many cases may be defined in such concepts: “trust”, “cooperation”, “common goals”, “responsibility”. Nobody thinks that client is smarter and contractor has no brain and does only things customer orders. Customer takes responsibility for everything he orders. Contractor – for work he performs. If contractor missed something client will definitely stop works and invite contractor for a chat. They come together,  clarify, problems are defined and recorded and works continue. Client and contractor are not afraid to communicate: they meet, talk, nobody records conversations.

And how communication between client and contractor looks like in our country? This may be defined with different words such as “suspicion”, “distrust” and “transfer of responsibility to contractor”. Clients avoid taking responsibility and do not want admitting even obvious mistakes. Distrust, too much of control, checking. Everything in Sweden happens other way. Client has only his project manager, who sometimes evaluates work made. Base of everything there is self-control.  Contractor signed contract, he controls himself and gives guarantees for defined works and time. If he doesn’t, he pays fines and loses trust. In Lithuania main role is dedicated for client’s technical control, which does not take responsibility for the final result. I still believe that we will come to the civilized communication in our country. Even if you increase control constantly, everything can not be controlled completely. This kind of control costs too much and increases costs for the government. Result is illogical: controls but is not responsible for the result.

It is interesting to observe differences between Lithuanians and Swedes on the company level. In Sweden companies are more specialized in management or specific tasks. Inside the company worker-machinery operator has to be able to perform more than one function and take responsibility for his work. So the higher requirements for his qualification are applied. We usually do it other way. On the company level we are universal – perform all works. At the same time workers in the company limit to narrow functions. But I already notice changes in Lithuania. Lithuanian companies specializing in specific activities achieve better results, have higher profits and different efficiency. Doing “everything” with people who do not know “everything” gives other result.

Why employees should go to Sweden?

I believe that young people will learn languages and show more interest to join “PK Road”. Taking into consideration, that your work place could be reached from Vilnius in three hours. It is wonderful possibility for young worker-machinery operator to learn working different way. In addition employers have all possibilities to work in AB “Panevėžio keliai”, and “PK Road” SA. By the way – Swedish Professional Unions take real care of work and living conditions, our people do not have what to complain about. But there’s other side of the story. Yes, you make more money in this country, but you do not have your family nearby. But possibility to acquire useful experience, to feel different life style should redeem temporary inconveniences.

To be continued…

Newspaper “Road people” Nr. 34