ROAD business in Scandinavian way. Zivile Poderiene, “PK Road” Project Engineer

Studies in Sweden brought together

My and “PK Road” roads crossed in Sweden. How did I get there? I worked in Lithuania with projects and one company offered me a job with condition, I had to acquire international education and master degree, which was needed for participation in international tenders. I made my decision to study abroad. It happened I started my studies in Swedish   International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics which belongs to Lunde University.

In the first year studies were distant.  Workload was huge: family, children, intensive studies and examinations almost every second weekend. In a year I had to continue my studies going to University in Lunde. First I was thinking to postpone studies, had doubts going there and how everything will go on. But after consulting my husband we decided to go. I was working so hard during that year! So in 2011 I went to Sweden with whole my family.

After graduation we stayed in Sweden. I worked in Lunde University, Ikea Industry”, was responsible for energy saving, waste management and other projects, organized various courses. One day I received e-mail from “PK Road”. We talked on the phone and met later. Already in the beginning of communication I have understood that this is the same known AB “Panevezio keliai” from Lithuania. I was always attracted to construction projects, so we have found things in common. I missed such activities, so we agreed working together. In the beginning of the company usually there was a lot of project paperwork.

To be continued…

Newspaper “Road People”, Nr. 34