Panevėžys University of Applied Sciences Road Engineering studies first year students‘ cognitive practice in AB „Panevėžio keliai“ – Day 2


First year students visited object – clover-shaped Šilagalys two level crossing where project “ Šilagalis overpass state importance highway road A8 Panevėžys – Aristava-Sitkūmai 7,508 km major repair”. Object was presented by “Panevėžio keliai” supervisor Laurynas Vilėniškis.

Also objects in Panevėžys bypass road visited where works of project “State importance highway road A17 Panevėžys bypass concurrent with international highway “Via Baltica” reconstruction first stage” are implemented. Object presented by AB “Panevėžio keliai” Panevėžys Branch Deputy Director for Construction Saulius Stravinskas and AB “Panevėžio keliai” Chief Works Supervisor Kęstutis Bajarūnas.

Future road engineers also got acquainted with “turbo” roundabout crossing in “Via Baltica” accomplished in 2017.  The larger permeability intersection was constructed by reconstructing the three-sided intersection of A17 bypass with the A10 highway Panevėžys–Pasvalys–Ryga. Object presented by AB „Panevėžio keliai“ Panevėžys Branch Deputy Director for Construction Saulius Stravinskas.