Panevėžys University of Applied Sciences Road Engineering studies first year students‘ cognitive practice in AB „Panevėžio keliai“ – Day 1

AB Panevėžio keliai Panevėžys asphalt-concrete production base presented for students by production base manager Donatas Deksnys. During cognitive practice students introduced to retail place for building materials produced by the company, got acquainted with the processing equipment and technologies of the rubble production, materials storage, the equipment for the production of asphalt mixtures, the bitumen holding, the reinforced concrete production workshop.

Head of  AB “Panevėžio keliai” Juridical and Personnel Department Vaida Jėčienė presented opportunities for studies funding. Representative for Public Relations Rasa Čepienė told about the Company , its working principles and goals. Students were accompanied by Panevėžys University of Applied Sciences Study Field Programme Committee Chairwoman Jovita Kaupienė and Panevėžys University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Technology Sciences Practice Manager Juozas Bečelis.

Pictures by Andrius Repšys