In Šeštokai township new unique building dedicated for pedestrians is under construction



Today in Lazdijai region Šeštokai town –extraordinary day. By height marker  installation symbolically commemorated day of one of the most moderns pedestrian overpass in the country via “Rail Baltica” railway in Šeštokai construction start.  European track railway divided town into two parts already in the year 2015. Inhabitants of Šeštokai in order to reach other side of railway township part have to make 2 kilometers length detour by foot till the nearest railway crossing.

“Pedestrain overpass construction works are especially important and significant not only for Šeštokai town, but all Lazdijai region community. Municipality had had to come long and complicated way until decision on overpass building was agreed. We are happy that our efforts succeeded and soon town citizens and guests will be able comfortably and safely cross the railway dividing town in two parts”, - told Lazdijai region municipality Mayor Artūras Margelis.

“We are happy to be involved into such a high  social importance project implementation. As a specialists we value opportunity to build one of the most unique constructional objects. It is a fourth building of a such construction in Lithuania, and first cable-stayed overpass with stairs and vertical elevators for pedestrians installed”, - spoke AB “Panevėžio keliai” General director “Virmantas Puidokas”.

Modern pedestrian overpass via “Rail Baltica” will let inhabitants safely cross railway track whisch in this section is 8 lines wide. Length of overpass under construction span – 46,66 meters, width -2,90 meter. Lane dedicated for pedestrians width will reach 2,50 meter. Overpass construction – cable-stayed. This means that with the support of steel cables in the span additional virtual supports are created lowering bending forces impacting span. Cables are installed on pylon which is 26,90 meters in height. It is made of two towers which are connected with reinforced concrete cross beams.

One of the mos important overpass features – vertical elevators installed on both overpass sides and will ease communication for disabled pedestrians. This type elevators are more expensive and complex construction than traditional ramps, but take less space. In  densely build ê6tokai railway station approaches in was impossible to build traditional ramps.

Ê6tokai railway station buildings complex is a State protected cultural heritage. Complex includes Railway station building and storehouse located in west from railway tracks. Designed overpass support with vertical elevator and around elevator installed stairs changing direction planned between these two buildings. On the other side of railway in the more spacious area longitudinal stairs are designed and elevator will be installed on the opposite support side, closer to railway track. Pedestrian pad base pathways will be installed reaching overpass and elevators in total length of 50 meters. For new construction lighting 368 meters of electrical cables will be laid and 12 LED lamps installed.

Contract works in this project are implemented by one of the largest in Baltic States Lithuanian capital road and railway construction and design companies “Panevėžio keliai“. Project client – Lazdijai region Municipality administration. Works started in 2017 spring. Works deadline planned in the contract –March 6, 2018. Total project value including AT – 1,12 million Eur including 85 percent European Union Structural Funds support. Project implemented according 2014-2020 EU Funds investment programme measure “Elimination of one level traffic crossings”.

 Additional information:

Lazdijai Regional Municipality Administration Department of Education, Culture and Sports Chief Specialist Neringa Rasiulienė, phone :+37069876910;

AB “Panevėžio keliai” Representative for Public Relations Rasa Čepienė, phone +37061148133



View of pedestrian overpass after construction works completed