Gold Medals for infrastructure projects - for functionality and esthetic






On Friday, 15 of December 2017 in Lithuanian Republic Government prestigious competition “Lithuanian product 2017” awards ceremony took place. Competition organized by Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists is an event reflecting economy development of the country at the best in which most modern innovations from economy fields are presented already recognized in the market. Three projects presented by AB “Panevėžio keliai” group of companies became the prizewinners in the competition in 2017.

AB “Panevėžio keliai” and Anykščiai regional Municipality administration project “Nonstandard visual decisions  in Anykščiai city streets” awarded a Gold medal. The highest award received by  Lithuanian Road Administration Under The Ministry of Transport and Communication and “Panevėžio keliai” implemented project “Reconstruction of Žemaitkiemis intersection in highway A2”.

“Panevėžio keliai” companies group company Panevėžys statybos trestas received Gold medal for trade and leisure center “Mega” development project. Customer – “Baltic Shopping Centers”.

“Role of the customer in infrastructure projects is very important, because customer forms tasks for designers and contractors, gives primary impulse, defining particular object reconstruction principles. More frequently design and contracting works are joined in the same hands. This tendency is progressive and welcomed. Such project implementation method provides with more opportunities to find most acceptable engineering and visual solutions, shortens implementation time and costs”, - told AB “Panevėžio keliai” General Director Virmantas Puidokas.

Reconstruction of Žemaitkiemis crossing in the A2 highway

One of the biggest in Baltic States Lithuanian capital road and railway design and construction companies “Panevėžio keliai” implemented project at highway road A2 Vilnius-Panevėžys  72,18 kilometer near Žemaitkiemis intersection in Ukmergės region included pedestrian overpass vie highway A2 construction in dangerous section, widening of the highway installing speeding and slowing lanes, connecting roads in both sides construction and two roundabout crossings installation.

Design solutions led to choosing economical pedestrian overpass via highway A2 instead of planned tunnel. Solution with 2 roundabout crossings chosen given opportunity safely reach by the car other side of highway.

One of the innovative, energy saving measures – solutions of reconstructed section lighting. In this section adaptive automatized lighting system installed changing level of lighting depending on passing vehicles.

Overpass for pedestrians and cyclists allows safely cross road of international importance with intense traffic. Service and local transport can safely cross highway to other side using speeding and slowing lanes, connecting roads, roundabout crossings.

Unified architecture of reconstructed roundabout as a building is not only functional but is harmonized with environment.  Flexible lines of connecting roads and roundabout crossings fit together, arc form of overpass gives esthetics to transport hub. Overpass construction is painted in green and fits to surrounding forest landscape. Metal details remind building functionality, industrial style is softened by slim and easy-looking construction forms. This is one of the most attractive intersections in highway Vilnius-Panevėžys.

Non standard visual solutions on Anykščiai city streets

 Anykščiai regional Municipality taking into consideration importance of their territory as a tourism object in national and international levels took longtime decisions to unify whole territory public spaces stylistics, as it was defined in Anykščiai regional Municipality general territory plan and documents.

For the competition  “Lithuanian product 2017” presented Žiburys and Vilnius streets reconstruction in Anykščiai city. These are two communication infrastructure projects implemented following chosen unified architecture in harmony with unique landscape. Stylistics harmonized also to existing infrastructure elements, objects of small architecture. At the same time infrastructure keeps functionality, improves not only esthetic view but also quality of life.

View of presented objects is exceptional because architectural decisions were made taking into consideration unique territory features. Vilnius street leads to SPA center. Special unusual design supports were created in order to illuminate pedestrian and cycle paths. Biggest support arm is for street lighting, smaller – pedestrian zone. Supports are exceptional by unusual bent silhouette.  Such idea of supports was brought by designers from Paris and successfully implemented in Anykščiai. Red asphalt dedicated for bicycle paths also looks stylish contrasting with gray color pads and street coating. For bicycle paths separation from other zones lowered sideways used giving subtlety for the product’s view and ergonomity to functionality.

Development of trade and leisure center “Mega”

In 2015 October “Panevėžio statybos trestas” signed a contract with investment real estate company AB “Baltic Shopping Centers” for trade and leisure center “Mega” expansion and territory reconstruction. AB “Baltic Shopping Centers” by this contract assigned “Baltic Red” company to represent trade and leisure center “Mega”.

After a year of works in Kaunas renewed shopping center “Mega” opened in Kaunas. IN trade and shopping center newly established more than 70 shops, coffee houses, restaurants and service centers. For the sports lovers biggest in Baltic states 7500 square meters sports and health center “VS-Fitness” opened. I the trade and leisure center multi-storey car parking opened capable of 800 car parking. After reconstruction “Mega” has become the biggest shopping center in the Middle Lithuania. Total area of building reaches 102000 square meters, multi-storey car parking has 800 parking places. In the ground parking 1700 cars can be parked.


Pictures by Andrius Repšys:

01-from the left:  Prime Minister of Lithuania Saulius Skvernelis, AB “Panevėžio keliai” General Director Virmantas Puidokas, Mayor of Anykščiai Region Municipality Kęstutis Tubis, President of Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists Robertas Dargis.

02-AB “Panevėžio keliai General Director Virmantas Puidokas and Mayor of Anykščiai Region Municipality Kęstutis Tubis.

03-from the left: Prime Minister of Lithuania Saulius Skvernelis, AB “Panevėžio keliai” General Director Virmantas Puidokas and President of Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists Robertas Dargis.

04-Product of the year Gold Medal.

 Rasa Čepienė, AB “Panevėžio keliai” Representative for Public Relations, phone: +37061148133