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Since becoming a share company in 1993, the company kept, for over decade, extensively investing in road building and construction companies, including a general building contracting company Panevėžio statybos trestas, of which it is a shareholder since 1999.

The first investment by AB Panevėžio keliai in financial assets was acquisition of an asphalt production facilities in Rokiškis, and founding of a Rokiškis branch of AB Panevėžio keliai in 1996.

To diversify the businesses of road building, and production of building supplies, a company specialising in emulsion covers was setup in Panevėžys in 1997, UAB Dangų emulsija. The company acquired shares for four more enterprises in Lithuania, in 1997-2003, i.e. AB Ukmergės keliai, UAB Aukštaitijos traktas, UAB Zarasų automobilių keliai, UAB Sostinės gatvės.

Upon the acquisitions of road building companies in the Northern, Eastern, and Middle Lithuania, the company’s investment undertakings have been focused on upgrading of the technical facilities of the controlled companies, and introduction of up-to-date business processes. Thus a sustainable optimised network of building supplies manufacturers and road builders has been developed.

In 2001, a company in Ukraine was setup, Sovriemiennyje technologiji dorog. In the region of Kaliningrad (Russian Federation) two joint venture companies of Lithuanian and Russian capital were launched, Dorogi Baltiki (1999) and Baltdormoststroj (2000).

In 2003, AB Panevėžio keliai group’s construction business segment expanded as building project management service providers, Constructus companies in Latvia and Lithuania, were acquired. 

A significant advancement in the field of road building was achieved in 2004, through acquisition of road building facilities and equipment in Daugavpils (Latvia), and founding the first Lithuanian capital road building company in the country, SIA Latgales Celdaris. The long term business aspirations were reinforced by acquiring a road building company Union Asphalttechnik in the neighbourhood of Riga in 2005. Both companies operating in Latvia are based on Western business standards in terms of work processes, application of contemporary road building technology, and quality assurance of the final product.

Over the recent years, AB Panevėžio keliai has focused it’s investment undertakings on the business of development of real property. Seeking to optimise the flow of intricate business processes and diversify from road building activity, a real property management company Realtus was founded.

For the purpose of implementation of exclusive large scale property projects, the group has acquired UAB Alproka, and founded UAB Naujasis Užupis.

The company has been considering a number of opportunities to further expand it’s presence in the neighbouring Latvia, to increase it’s share in the Kaliningrad region, and proceed with investing in road building business in Estonia.

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